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Latest Development on Australian Carbon Credit Unit

Recent legislative and regulatory changes to the Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) scheme aim to enhance its integrity and efficacy. Key proposals include restructuring emissions reduction methods, improving governance, and ceasing approvals for certain projects like avoided deforestation due to additionality concerns. Moreover, projects at Safeguard facilities will now generate Safeguard Mechanism Credits instead of ACCUs, streamlining carbon abatement efforts.

Liquidated Damages Clauses in Australian Contract Law: Penalty or Genuine Estimate of Loss?

Liquidated damages clauses play a pivotal role in Australian contract law, offering numerous benefits to contracting parties. However, these clauses must be carefully drafted to avoid being considered a penalty, which would render them unenforceable. This article explores the importance of liquidated damages clauses in Australian contract law, the potential risks associated with them, and best practices for drafting enforceable clauses.

The Importance of Dispute Resolution Clauses in Contractual Agreements

In today’s complex business world, conflicts between contracted parties are almost inevitable. To minimise the potential for costly and time-consuming litigation, it is essential to include a well-crafted dispute resolution clause in every contractual agreement. This essay explores the nature of dispute resolution clauses, the various processes they may include, and the key benefits they offer to contracting parties.

Latest Development on IP Law

In 2024, Australian Intellectual Property law will undergo significant changes with IP Australia’s adoption of the Madrid Goods and Services List and the introduction of the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Regulator Performance) Act 2023, which includes enhanced protections for Olympic insignia and refined trade mark and patent processes.