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Who We Are


“We are Yingke,

the largest international law firm,

born in China, for the world.”


Over this time, we have grown large in scale and deep in reach. With over 16000 lawyers in 180 branch offices, our outstanding legal service network covers 190 cities in 100 countries, ranking as the largest law firm* in the Asia-Pacific region.


“We are Yingke Australia,

your trusted partner,

navigating the complexities of Australian law.”


Established in July 2020 as a branch of Yingke (China), we proudly serve the vibrant business landscape of Australia and beyond. Our firm combines local expertise with the extensive resources of one of Asia’s largest and most respected legal institutions. Led by a dedicated team of legal professionals, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients in Australia.


What We Do


“We leverage our global mindset,

with local instinct.”


At Yingke Australia, we are committed to understanding your needs, respecting the facts, and pursuing effective resolutions.

Our mission is clear: to provide you with practical and actionable legal solutions that empower and safeguard your business activities. With a deep understanding of Australian law and a global perspective, we offer insightful and forward-thinking legal counsel designed to protect you. Whether you require advice on complex legal issues, strategic guidance in litigation, or proactive risk management, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Beyond resolving immediate legal challenges, our commitment extends to enhancing clients’ legal awareness and mitigating future risks. We empower businesses to navigate regulatory complexities with confidence, ensuring compliance and safeguarding their interests proactively. 

By fostering a culture of legal diligence, we enable our clients to resolve disputes effectively and uphold their corporate values on a global scale


Our Vision

“Removing the barrier of law for Chinese capital in business activities in Australia.”

Although many Chinese-funded enterprises investing in Australia have excellent in-house legal teams with proficient English skills, when facing complex and profound legal issues or making significant legal decisions, businesses tend to seek professional legal services and advice from lawyers who are native Chinese speakers. This preference arises because legal services go beyond mere translation – behind each specialised term lies specific judicial interpretations or decades of legal precedents. Clients prefer to make decisions that align with their business interests based on a comprehensive understanding of relevant laws. Recognising the growing market demand, Yingke (Australia) has filled the gap in high-quality Chinese legal services in Australia by leveraging its team’s expertise.

In the wave of industry development, Yingke (Australia) has established itself as a recognised leader in providing comprehensive Chinese legal services, thanks to its profound legal knowledge and professional service capabilities. 

Furthermore, we are committed not only to resolving clients’ current issues but also to enhancing their legal awareness and risk prevention capabilities. We assist them in maintaining compliance and risk awareness in their future business activities, enabling them to avoid disputes and realise their corporate and societal values on a broader scale. This is the vision of Yingke (Australia).


Yin Chen


Yingke (Australia) Managing Partner