Xiangrong Mei

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Xiangrong Mei

Chairman of Yingke Global Board of Directors

Mr.MEI started his career as a lawyer in July 1996, specializing in real estate. Under the leadership of Mr.Mei, Yingke has developed to the largest law firm in Asia Pacific Region with 39 domestic offices and 34 overseas offices.

Mr.Xiangrong Mei was named  “2011 Chinese Outstanding Lawyer” of Chinese Listed Companies Federation; “2010 Brand Lawyer”; “2009 Elite Lawyer”;Selected as one of “25 Popular Lawyers” by 《Asian Legal Business》 ( ALB )( Chinese version ) in the year of 2010; Graced the cover of 《Fangyuan》 magazine of the month for December 2009 and《ALB》( Chinese version ) of the month for July 2010, separately; For four consecutive years to be shortlisted for “Annual Managing Partner of Law Firm” in China Law Awards of 《ALB》( Chinese version )from 2012 to 2015.

Mr.MEI graduated from the Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University in 1995, and also owns the Executive Master of Business Administration ( EMBA ) degree of Guanghua School of Management ( GSM ) of Peking University.

Mr.Mei ‘s current social positions including: 

  • Director and Deputy Secretary General of Tsinghua University’s Shuimu Tsinghua (SMTH ) Council; 
  • Director of Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club ( TEEC ) ; 
  • Joint Chairman & Secretary General of Tsinghua University’s 89 Alumni Association; Joint Mentor of LLM of Tsinghua University Law School; 
  • Vice President of PKU ( Peking University ) PE Investment Union; Adjunct Professor of Lawyer College Renmin University of China; 
  • Adjunct Professor of the Law School of China University of Political Science and Law ( CUPL ); 
  • Member of Government Counselor Law Affairs Committee of All China Lawyers Association; 
  • Lecturer of Beijing Law Firm Management Team; 
  • Deputy Director of Real Estate Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association; 
  • Legal Expert of Real Estate Seminar for Senior Managers of Renmin University of China; 
  • Director of China Youth Entrepreneurs Association; 
  • Legal Advisor of State IP Office of the P.R.C ( SIPO); 
  • Invited Guest and Legal Advisor of the “Only You”program of Tianjin TV; 
  • President of Alliance for Businessman with the surname of MEI in China.

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